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Home Décor Solutions (HDS) is one of the largest trading and indenting house of Bangladesh. We are well established in Private sector of local market since 2010. Our main focus is to work as importer, exporter, as well as indenter. HDS have a dynamic management and work force to serve its clients. 

HDS located at Uttara Model Town of Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh) and is only a kilometer away from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. We are committed to serve our customer maintain quality products in a most competitive price. We always ensure delivery of the products to customer’s premises.

HDS working with the Scrap of Iron those frequently required by the Recycling & Rerolling Industries in Bangladesh. We have the reputed sources of scrap in local & overseas.

HDS working with the raw materials of Ceramic those frequently required by the ceramic & tiles Industries. Our main customers are the manufacturer of granite / homogeneous tiles in Bangladesh. Recently we successfully worked on Ball Clay, Potash Feldspar, Soda Feldspar etc. We have the reputed Principals all over the world, those has a long experience in this area of business.

HDS has been also active on market with the access as a supplier for Building materials such as Marble, Granite, Tiles, Sanitary Ware, Kitchen & Bathroom fittings, Shower Door, Mirror, Door, etc.

HDS also exported machinery, spare parts accessories (screw) etc to overseas buyers mainly to ceramics industries. We are looking forward to export more products as per global requirement.

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